A new generation of composite multifunctional consoles for marine, aeronautical and terrestrial applications

• lnnovative materials (carbon fiber) for low weight and low magnetic signature
• Modularity for a quickly reconfiguration of the functionalities
• Rugged structure
• Fast operation maintenance with the use of plug in system
• Automatic Diagnostic & Management System
• Ergonomic design
• Military-Standard Qualified

• Military
(Naval, Terrestrial and Aeronautical)

The new composite Multi Functional Console family derives from the wide GMA experience in the design and the production of this kind of device. The MFC is designed to operate in a mission critical application how Naval, terrestrial and avio-transportated Combat Management System . The use of standard ruggedized COTS allow high flexibility and a very simple updating.

Full version console composition

• Monitor Assy equiped with:
N.2 Liquid Cristal Display (21.1’’ – 4:3)

• Electronic Module Assy equiped with:
> N.1 19’’ 1RU Power Distribution Unit
> N.1 19’’ 2RU COTS Processing Unit
> N.1 19’’ 2RU COTS Processing unit or UPS
> N.1 19’’ 1RU Audio Assy Unit or other custom payload
> N.1 Computer Maintenance and Audio panel (on front)

All devices equipped with a connection plug-in system for fast and secure installation and operational maintenance.

• Desk Assy equiped with:
> N.2 USB Trackball
> N.1 USB Keyboard (68 keys)
> N.1 USB Joystick (res. 8 or 12 bit)
> N.1 USB Handwheel (res. 12bit)
> N.1 Touch Input Device (up to 17in wide screen)
> N.1 4,7in Multi Functional Display
> N.1 Power Control Panel

The desk is equipped with a connection plug-in system for easy and fast mounting.

  • Altre specifiche

    • Power supply:
    115÷220 Vac 50÷60Hz

    • Interface:
    » LAN 1000 BaseT
    » Video Acquisition Input
    » Remote Control Panel
    > Operative Shock:
    30g 11msec
    > Vibration:
    5÷14Hz ±0, 25mm
    14÷100Hz 0,2g
    > Operative Temperature:
    > Storage Temperature:
    > Weith:
    <150kg (full version)
    > Dimensions:
    1000x720x1500(H) mm
    > Management based on
    SNMP prot.
    > marked

    MIL-HDBK-454 General guidelines for electronic equipment
    MIL-STD-1472F (23.08.99) – Human Engineering Design Criteria for Military Systems Equipment and Facilities
    MIL-HDBK-2036 General requirements for electronic equipment specification
    MIL-STD-461F Electromagnetic Emission and Susceptibility Requirements for the Control of Electromagnetic Interf
    STANAG 1008 Ed. 9 Characteristics of Shipboard Low Voltage Power Systems in Warships of the NATO Navies
    MIL-S-901D. 9 Shock Test High Impact Shipboard Machinery Equipment and Systems Requirements for
    MIL-C-5541 9 Chemical conversion coatings on aluminum and aluminum alloys
    MIL-STD-310G Shipbord Bonding Grounding and other Tecniques for Electromagnetic Compatibility and Safety
    MIL-STD-167-1 Test method standard – mechanical vibration of shipboard equipment VIBRATIONS
    MIL-STD-810F Test Method Standard Environmental Engineering Considerations And Laboratory Tests SHOCK TEMPERATURE (OPERATIVE &NOT OPERATIVE) SALT FOG FUNGUS
    MIL-STD-1474D Design criteria standard-Noise Limits – dated 29/08/1997 requirement 5 : Shipboard Equipment Noise